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Exalted E-bikes



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Meet the Mokwheel Basalt, the world's first all-terrain electric bike with integrated power station technology that allows you to charge your devices whenever you want.
  • Range 60 - 80 miles per charge
  • 750W motor
  • 400 LB load capacity
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Torque Sensors

Whether you're out for a long ride or have a nasty hill along your normal commute, if you have a bike with pedal assist you'll finish your ride feeling more energized instead of drained. Going over rough terrain and up hills becomes much easier with the pedal assist feature. 


Suspension Fork

Basalt features a flexible and adaptive hydraulic front fork that helps smooth bumps and improves off-road performance. In addition, the fork has a lockout lever to allow for quick adjustments while riding to stiffen or soften the fork, depending on weight and riding style.



The thumb throttle is more comfortable and safer than the half-twist throttle, and it can reduce wrist strain and eliminate the fatigue brought by long time riding.


Hydraulic Disc Brake

We use the TEKTRO HD-E350 hydraulic disc brake, which is characterized by high stability, low reaction force and high safety factor as an oil brake. Compared to wire brakes, which are prone to aging, corrosion, overuse or brake fracture, oil brakes are also safer than wire brakes.



Made by durable aluminum alloy material, excellent shifting performance ensures riders' safe and stable riding. It can be adjusted slightly in multiple places to provide accurate speed change.



The shift finger paddle is semi-hidden for easy operation by the rider, easily changing the gear size to allow the rider to choose the intensity of the ride they want.



Aluminum provides excellent power transfer with efficiency. Strong, light, durable, high axial strength and compatibility.