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Compact, Convenient,
and Sustainable

M-330F folding electric trike is the perfect combination of mobility and convenience. This sleek and stylish e-trike is perfect for cruising around town, running errands, or exploring the outdoors.

  • 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion Battery
  • 48V*750W Rear-Mounted Motor
  • 20 MPH Top Speed
  • Up to 85+ Miles per Charge (Estimate)
  • 350lbs +100lbs Payload Capacity
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Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Trike

With 3-wheel construction and step- thru frame, this electric tricycle is easy to get on and off. You can ride stably on paved bike lanes or beautiful sandy beaches.

48V * 750W Rear -Mounted Motor

With its powerful 750wrear-drivemotor, not only provides extra speed and torque, but also preventsstart-upslippage, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

48V*20Ah Samsung Cell Battery

M-330 fat tire-trike is adapted to the
EB 2.0 battery, the world's first 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery. It ensures an estimated max range of 85 miles.

3rd Gen Mid-axis Torque Sensing

The latest technology ofmid-axistorque
sensing, avoiding the sense of hysteresis,
with higher sensitivity, faster response
time. With 36 torque sensing points,
when the pedal shift20°,
the PAS will start to intervene,
while can reduce battery
consumption and improve
the riding range of20%-30%!

Up To 85 Miles Riding Range Go Anywhere You Like

The fat tire electric trike M-330F, with its strong and durable frame and 3"wide tires, is basically designed for various uneven terrain. Wind in the face, fresh air and you can go anywhere. That’s the promise of the Motan M-330F electric trike.

Rear Speed Differential

TheM-330Fhas a new differential
component that avoidssingle-axle
problems and allows the rear wheels to
turn independently, so that the outside
wheels can rotate faster during
cornering, resulting in safer and
more predictable acceleration,
cornering and braking.

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Parking Brake

This trike is now newly equipped with a reliable parking brake system that ensures secure parking on any terrain. Discover the joy of effortless rides, extended range, and the freedom to explore in style with the Triketan M-330 II.

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Advanced Torque Sensing Technology

With the Torque Sensing system, the trike can intelligently detect your pedaling force and provides the perfect amount of assistance, making uphill climbs and long rides effortless.

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Parking Brake System Secure Parking for Peace of Mind

The M-330F E-trike's parking brake system
has an easy-to-use lever that attaches to
the handlebars for easy activation, just
squeeze the brake and press the button.
It gives you greater control and peace
of mind when you are parking on inclines
or uneven terrain.

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Motor: Addmotor 48V*750W Rear-mounted Motor, 90 N·M Torque

Battery: Samsung 48V*20Ah Cells Battery Charging Time 9-10 Hours And Rated For 1000 to 1500 Charge Cycles

Display: Addmotor 5-Inch LCD Display

Controller: Addmotor 25A Controller

Throttle: Variable Speed Control - 1/2 Twist Throttle

HeadLight: Powered By Main Battery And Controlled By the uneven buttons

Taillight: Powered By Main Battery And Controlled By Display with Brake Light Function

Wiring: Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness

Pedal Assist: 7 Level Pedal Assist, Torque Sensor

Charger: 48V*2.0A 5 Pins, US Standard DC Charger, 5 Pins With Auto Magnetic Suction

Total Length: 49.5"

Total Width: 37"

Folded Height: 34"(without saddle)


Frame: 7A19 Aluminum Alloy Frame

Rotors: 180mm F / 2*180mm Rear

Chain Puller: Shimano 7 Speed / ALTUS M310

Basket: Front and A Rear Basket Waterproof Bag

Front Fork: Mozo 50mm of Travel

Chain: KMC Rust Resistant Chain

Handlebar: Black Aluminum Foldable Handlebar

Brake Lever: Tektro EL555-RT/EL550-RS

Tires: 20" X 3.0", 30 TPI Fat Tires

Seat Post: Quick Release 30cm